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Style My Home

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Style My Home works with Seniors and their families to help determine the scope and scale of the move being made. We provide a project plan of the transition - from clearing, sorting, organizing and packing belongings that are making the move - to assisting with assessing belongings to be sold, donated or given a new home. We know how difficult it can be for family members to commit the time required to undertake the clearing and packing of a family home - between their own family and work, there just sometimes isn't enough time.


Style My Home works with Seniors in a compassionate and caring manner. Spending the time with each client, to listen to them and their stories, and assisting them in deciding what they can take where they are moving, or how they can give their precious belongings a new life...or a new home.

We also provide renovation management services, as well as décor and design services to ensure that you will be comfortable in your new space...


Style My Home works with seniors in many different scenarios:

  • Large House to Smaller Home or Condominium
  • House to Retirement Home or Assisted Living
  • Retirement Living to Hospice


We also work with Families and Executors to provide estate services, to help clear out homes of the deceased. After the family has removed all valuables and items of sentimental nature, Style My Home will sort the remaining items in the house for donation, recycling or disposal. Once this process has been completed, Style My Home will ensure the house is professionally cleaned and ready for its next occupant.